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What is a Link Tree?

What is a Link Tree?

Have you ever come across something super interesting on Instagram – maybe a recipe or a news article – and the user just dropped a URL into the post copy? We should all know by now that you cannot click any URL in an Instagram post, so why do people keep doing this?! 

Enter the Link Tree

This is a handy dandy solution that helps users easily connect the dots between what you’re sharing on Instagram and what action you want them to take.

Remember: social media marketing is not about posting fluffy content for fun. It’s about strategically sharing information with your audience at crucial moments. If a user wants to take a next step, say download your recipe or read your news article, we need to make it super straightforward for them to take that next step.

What are the benefits of using a link tree exactly?

  • Cross-platform promotion — you can use the tool to cross-promote by linking out to your other social pages.
  • Increased click-through rate (CTR) — giving your audience more click opportunities increases the likelihood that they’ll actually click through to at least one piece of content, boosting your CTR.
  • More sales — you can add affiliate links to your link tree in addition to your branded links.
  • Better branding — you can often modify your landing page for a stronger branding and visual identity.

There are lots of different options on the market with different features, so we’re going to cover a few of our favourites*.


We personally love using for its approachable user interface and personalization of the landing page. Plus it’s affordable! Simply copy in a URL, add a blurb and an image and set it live. You can also schedule out links to go live the same time your post does – how’s that for smart!


  • Scheduling of links means cards and links are only visible when they should be
  • Customizable URL means you can brand the link itself 
  • Only $9.99 for a lifetime of access makes this one affordable tool
  • Quickly reorganize, reorder and rename existing links
  • Include space to add social media profile links, a bio and even integrates with Spotify


  • Must upgrade your account to fully customize your landing page
  • You cannot modify the actual layout or colours of the landing page
  • Monthly subscription is $0.99 USD versus $9.99 USD for a lifetime of access – if you plan on using it for more than a few months, it’s better to just upgrade completely


LinkTree is almost identical to Lnk.Bio, but it is one of the O.G.’s of link trees. This clean, modern platform features robust options to make your bio link informative and friendly for your audience. It creates a simple landing page that you can customize with your branding.


  • Easy to set up and navigate
  • Branded with your Instagram page
  • Includes basic user statistics to see how traffic performs
  • Unlimited links can be added to your feed


  • Limits to customization
  • You must upgrade to Pro to access social links
  • Cannot get rid of their LinkTree branding
  • Very few themes available to free users


ContactInBio is probably the second largest offering, after LinkTree. However, ContactInBio offers a few additional features that really sets it apart from LinkTree! The most important difference is the ability to add a contact page. However, it is limited in that it will send you a note to your ContactInBio inbox, not an email.


  • Offers video uploads to your cards
  • Different customization options to choose from
  • Contact form
  • Minimal ContactInBio branding visible


  • Content blocks are very large and can look cumbersome
  • Landing page is mobile optimized, which can impact desktop views
  • Contact form doesn’t send you an email
  • Custom URL is very lengthy

Link In Profile

This is a bit of a different tool than the three we shared with you; it essentially creates a mirror of your Instagram profile but the images are clickable links. This is a great tool for e-commerce marketers, since it looks clean and is easy for users to navigate to the exact link they’re looking for. 


  • No hassle set up (Link in Profile simply automatically adds your link from your caption to the landing page)
  • Strong visual platform
  • Great for influencers, e-commerce or other accounts that use lots of links
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile devices


  • Doesn’t provide an actual landing page
  • No free version
  • Very few customization options
  • More expensive than its competitors

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what tool you decide works best for your marketing strategy. The most important takeaway is to simply USE a link tree tool! This will help improve your results and better tie your social media strategy into a return on investment.

Do you have a favourite tool we didn’t cover? Drop us a line over on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

*Please note that this is not a sponsored article – we just honestly love these tools!